Halloween/Day of the Dead Jewelry Blog Hop

Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio started this challenge-to create jewelry with a Halloween or Day of the Death theme. I joined the challenge since I had made several sugar skulls at Glass Stock West in Eugene, Oregon. I made them out of borosilicate glass. They were lots of fun to make.

Diana gave the following guidelines:

  • Participants will create at least one piece of jewelry in a Halloween or Day of the Dead theme.
  • Each piece of jewelry must contain at least one art bead.

I used one of the sugar skull beads as a focal. I also bought some hematite skull beads for the necklace at Chevron Trading Post in Asheville, North Carolina. I had some lampwork beads I had made using silver glass. The round black beads are from the Czech Republic.



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About ingetraud

I make lampwork beads and jewelry. My other interests include traveling, reading, hiking, and collecting art and handcrafted items, especially pottery. I have always loved handmade things and have collected hand-thrown pottery since I was a teenager. I have done stained glass and weaving. I had been stringing beads into necklaces for a while when I attended a clay and glass show in Palo Alto. There was a beadmaker there whose work I fell in love with. I bought one bead to make into a necklace and decided I wanted to learn how to make glass beads. I took my first beadmaking class from Jackie Marr in Santa Cruz. After taking another class from Katie Stuart in Santa Barbara I set up my own studio and have not looked back. Beadmaking is like meditation for me. What has kept me interested is that there is always some new technique or color combination to learn or try. I have taken advanced classes from Sally Prasch, Marjorie Langston, Holly Cooper, Shirley Cook, Dolly Ahles, J.C. Herrill, Kristen Franzten Orr, Amy Waldman Smith, Claudia Trimbur-Pagel, Astrid Riedel, Amanda Muddimer, Melanie Moertel, Angela Meier, Gay Massender, Kris Schaible, and Jennifer Geldard. I love combining my love of beadmaking and traveling by taking classes away from home. In September, 2016 I got to attend a bead symposium in Wertheim, Germany. I took a bead lining class and watched many demos. I am married and have one son, age 26. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Los Gatos and Scotts Valley, California.
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12 Responses to Halloween/Day of the Dead Jewelry Blog Hop

  1. A great piece! I really like how you attached the smaller skulls around the chain– very creative.

  2. Love it! I especially love the hematite skull beads; I’ll have too look for them on my next trip to Asheville. Cheers!
    Lori in Atlanta

  3. staxi louise says:

    loving all the sugar skulls I am seeing!!!!

  4. Diana P. says:

    That’s a great sugar skull! Thanks for participating!

  5. Tanya says:

    What a fun piece. I love your skull.

  6. Dawn Gallop says:

    Super fun piece I know you will have a lot of compliments while wearing it! Love the skull! Happy Halloween!

  7. love 🙂 Fabulous focal!

  8. Those hematite skulls are cool!

  9. Kari Asbury says:

    Love it! The skull you made is adorable and those hematite skulls are perfect to compliment it!

  10. Great skull! Love the necklace

  11. Jenny says:

    Your sugar skull is cool, I like the eyes, They are a little wonky and add great character!

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