Handmade Earring Swap

Jessica Murray started this fun earring exchange. My partner was Beccy Peterson. Beccy lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon. You can see her jewelry on Facebook at Beccy’s Baubles.

Beccy started beading about 2005 and just keep going. She has always loved rocks, all colors, shapes and sizes. She started collecting semi precious stones and wire wrapping them. She enjoys exploring new ideas and mediums in jewelry making. She has taken a couple of weekend lampwork classes and is amazed and fascinated by the process. Beccy always has several different projects in the works and is learning to design her own Amulet bags. She is currently enjoying doing peyote stitch with delicas.

Beccy also loves to garden, play in her koi pond, knit, hike, and take walks. She and her husband have been doing a lot of day hikes up in the mountains of Northern California and southern Oregon.

Beccy sent me beautiful, creative earrings. She used wire, chain, and square glass beads.


She also sent this cool stand that I can use for display:


She even sent me a cool, funny bonus gift-a plant bug:


I made earrings for Beccy using delica seedbeads in brick stitch. This was the first time that I have used brick stitch. I adapted a design from “The Beader’s Color Mixing Directory” by Sandra Wallace by using my own color combination and adding lampwork beads I had made.


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Michele Dotson: http://star-jewels.blogspot.com/
Deanna Cox: www.deannaaki.WordPress.com
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Kay Thomerson: http://KayzKreationz.blogspot.com
Paula Hisel: http://simplybeadiful.weebly.com/simply-stated.html
Carol Dillman: http://dillmansdallies.blogspot.com/
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Kashmira Patel: http://sadafulee.blogspot.com
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Shai Williams: http://shaihasramblings.blogspot.com/
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Mimi Gardner: www.OtherCuriosities.blogspot.com
Jessica McMullen: http://pheonixgatedesigns.blogspot.com/
Jennifer LaVite: www.drygulchbeadsandjewelry.blogspot.com
Laura Medeiros: http://zoeowyn.blogspot.com/
Alenka Obid: www.pepita-handmade.blogspot.com
Elsie Fonseca: http://www.ladelizchica.blogspot.com/
Cheryl Dunham: www.renaissance-jewelry.blogspot.com
Sandra McGriff: http://skyescreativechaos.blogspot.ca
Tania Spivey: http://moobiegrace.blogspot.com/
Mowse Doyle:  http://mowsemadethis.blogspot.com

Beccy Peterson: Beccy’s Baubles
Mischelle Fanucchi: www.facebook.com/micheladasmusings
Marde Lowe: FanciMar Designs


About ingetraud

I make lampwork beads and jewelry. My other interests include traveling, reading, hiking, and collecting art and handcrafted items, especially pottery. I have always loved handmade things and have collected hand-thrown pottery since I was a teenager. I have done stained glass and weaving. I had been stringing beads into necklaces for a while when I attended a clay and glass show in Palo Alto. There was a beadmaker there whose work I fell in love with. I bought one bead to make into a necklace and decided I wanted to learn how to make glass beads. I took my first beadmaking class from Jackie Marr in Santa Cruz. After taking another class from Katie Stuart in Santa Barbara I set up my own studio and have not looked back. Beadmaking is like meditation for me. What has kept me interested is that there is always some new technique or color combination to learn or try. I have taken advanced classes from Sally Prasch, Marjorie Langston, Holly Cooper, Shirley Cook, Dolly Ahles, J.C. Herrill, Kristen Franzten Orr, Amy Waldman Smith, Claudia Trimbur-Pagel, Astrid Riedel, Amanda Muddimer, Melanie Moertel, Angela Meier, Gay Massender, Kris Schaible, and Jennifer Geldard. I love combining my love of beadmaking and traveling by taking classes away from home. In September, 2016 I got to attend a bead symposium in Wertheim, Germany. I took a bead lining class and watched many demos. I am married and have one son, age 26. I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Los Gatos and Scotts Valley, California.
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19 Responses to Handmade Earring Swap

  1. Silvia says:

    It’s so nice when swaps encourages us to use new techniques, so bravo! You made lovely earrings

  2. Oh those look fun to wear! And congrats on mastering a new technique 😉

  3. Mary Anne says:

    Lovely earrings on both ends! I am so *jealous* of the earring stand you got, it’s fabulous!!

  4. Alenka says:

    Both earrings are lovely! What a fun swap, isn’t it? And the brick stitch is on my to do list as well.

  5. I have not been brave enough to try that kind of bead work and you did a great job! The earrings Beccy made are so cool. I love the wire work and how she used square beads. You guys really went all out! The extras are really fun, too.

  6. Michelle says:

    Not only did you get a very fun pair of earrings, but a display and the cutest bug ever!!! I really do love the earrings you made for Beccy. I am just trying out beading with seed beads and I tend to get frustrated. lol Awesome job. Did I already comment on your blog????? hahahahhaaa smh If I did I am blaming the lack of caffeine. lol

  7. Both pairs are lovely earrings. I would be proud to have both pairs! I tried seed beading years ago and I’m just not cut out for it. I think more beads ended up on the floor than on the jewelry! You did a great job with those tiered earrings. So pretty.

  8. ingetraud says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Thank you Jessica for getting this going. I had fun and was motivated to try something new.

  9. Dyanne says:

    Great earrings – both pair! I loved all the goodies you got!

  10. Leah Tees says:

    I love the earrings (both of them)! And what a cool bonus to s end you! Sounds like a great partner to have!

  11. Rachel Baron says:

    I always admire anyone with patience to do seed bead work! And what fun, funky earrings you received!

  12. Kashmira says:

    Haha, that plant gift is so cute, and the earring holder totally handy and the earrings…gorgeous!

    And I love what you sent…the colors are so…hmmm…delicate? lovely!

  13. Tara P says:

    Love both pair of earrings! I have such admiration for seed beaders and the pair she sent you are just terrific! What a cute bug too!

  14. Nan Smith says:

    Your brick stitch earrings are great…..I continue to be in awe of seed beaders. It amazes me what you create…..Beautiful. I also love the earrings you received. Chains are definitely “in” for earrings!

  15. Karla Morgan says:

    Inge, Lovely earrings – both sets! Your brick stitch is awesome! Lampwork is so beautiful, too. Some day I will give it a shot. So many things on the “to do” list! 🙂

  16. Kay says:

    She sent some really cool earrings. Love all the wire wrapping, chain and dangles. And your seed bead work is fantastic. What great earrings. The little gift bug is too cute. And the stand will be great for you.

  17. Andrea Trank says:

    Great pics. Very interesting designs. You did a great job with the brick stitch.

  18. lau says:

    What a fun swap-good job on the brick stitch

  19. Wythy says:

    Such a cool idea! I’m excited about finding out all these blog hops for next year.

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