New Beading Work

I spend most of my time making lampwork beads, necklaces, and pendants. Lately though, I have been doing a bit of seed beading using cabochons. I like to do this while watching TV with my husband.

Here are some pieces I made in the past few months:

The eye cabochon is painted glass made by Chaotic Mind Studio.

The face cabochon is by Paula Radke. I made the fused dichroic glass cabochon.

This cabochon is raku ceramic by Jeremy Diller.

This is my current work in progress. I don’t remember where I got the cute sugar skull cabochon. I made the 2 fused dichroic glass cabochons.

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Art Inspired Necklace

I am a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB). Last November ISGB had the following challenge that I entered:

The challenge is “ART INSPIRED” Chose a work of art. It can be a painting, sculpture or any other work of fine art. Design a focal bead or bead set that are inspired by the work of art you have chosen.  Write a short artist statement that includes your reasons for your choice of work of art and an explanation of how you approached the challenge. Send your statement, along with an image of the work of art and an image of your bead or beads. 

I chose a painting by Friedensreich Hundertwasser as the inspiration for my bead. Hundertwasser has long been my favorite artist.  His paintings and prints are characterized by undulating curves, organic shapes and bright colors.

 The painting I chose is “Lucifer’s Tongue 1”. I love the bold, bright colors. Rich hues are layered one upon the other.


It took me many trials to come up with a bead I liked. I did many cane experiments. I made the bead by layering many stringers from many different cane rods that I had made. I had the most difficulty with red, yellow, and orange. At first they were too muddy. I finally got what I wanted when I put a layer of white down and then the red, orange, and yellow. 

I first made the bead into a simple pendant.

I then decided it should be a necklace instead. I used Czech beads, little red lampwork beads that I had made, and some spacer beads.

I love my necklace. I enjoy challenges very much. They inspire me to try new things.

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Torch Fired Enamel Necklace

In September, 2018 I took a torch fired enameling class with Anne Havel at Terry Henry’s studio in Atascadero, California. My sister took it with me and we had great fun. We learned several techniques. My favorite was sgraffito-a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color.

Here is what I made. My favorite is the bottom right:

This is what my sister made:

I finally made my favorite pendant piece into a necklace. I used mostly small lampwork beads that I had made along with a few fire polished beads. I wirewrapped them in copper.

 I have enjoyed wearing it as it is light and the perfect length.

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Fifth Bead Peeps Blog n Hop


Welcome to the fifth Bead Peeps Swap n Hop! Linda Anderson organized it. Just as in prior years, Linda matched a group of jewelry designers with partners. We sent each other beads in order to create jewelry.

This year my partner is Lois Sherwood. Lois live in Austin, Texas and makes lampwork beads as well as jewelry. Lois sent me a wonderful assortment of beads she had made in cool colors. She also sent a handmade clasp, wire, a neck piece, and complementary glass beads. A fantastic bead soup!


I made 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings.

For my first necklace I used most of the colorful lampwork  beads, the black coin-shaped beads, and the handmade clasp from Lois. I added only 2 of my own lampwork beads. I love this necklace and plan to wear it often.


For my second necklace I made a pendant with the focal lampwork bead from Lois. It is perfect on the neck piece. A variety of glass beads, wire, and a lampwork bead from Lois completed the necklace. I also added a charm that I had made out of copper clay. The necklace is light and easy to wear.

The earrings match the second necklace.


I love how all my pieces turned out. What fun!

Thank you so much Linda for hosting this blog hop. Thank you Lois for the beautiful beads you sent me!



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Fourth Bead Peeps Blog n Hop

Welcome to the fourth Bead Peeps Swap n Hop! My partner, Linda Anderson, organized it. Linda matched a group of jewelry designers with partners. We sent each other beads in order to create jewelry.

Linda sent me a wonderful bead soup (assortment of beads) including a ceramic focal bead by Michelle McCarthy. She also sent Czech beads, semiprecious stone beads, silver components, some sari silk, and glass pearls. The colors of the beads is fantastic. I love the turquoise with brown and gold.

I made two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a bracelet. I used everything except the sari silk and silver components.

Before starting I made lampwork beads in the same and coordinating colors. For many of the beads I used techniques I had learned in a recent class by Lisa Fletcher. I ended up making a lot of beads. I used a few of them in my first necklace. I strung a combination of my lampwork beads and beads from Linda, adding a copper clasp and handmade copper chain. The owl is by Michelle McCarthy.




I used many of my lampwork beads in the second necklace. A variety of Czech beads and glass pearls from Linda completed the necklace.



For the bracelet I used all the faceted beads and a semiprecious stone bead from Linda along with a few of my lampwork beads. The silver clasp is from Linda.


The earrings were also made using a combination of my lampwork beads and Czech beads and glass pearls.


I love how all my pieces turned out.

Thank you so much Linda for hosting this blog hop and for the beautiful beads you sent me!

Please visit the other Swap n Hop participant’s creations by clicking on Linda Anderson’s site and to see what she made with the beads I sent her.

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Fourth Annual Swap n Hop-My Beads Have Arrived


After a delay, thanks to the landslide on our road being fixed, I finally received a wonderful package from Linda Anderson.

This is the fourth annual Bead Peeps Swap n Hop. My partner, Linda Anderson, organized it. Linda matched the participants with partners. We sent each other beads to create jewelry.

Linda sent me a very pretty variety of beads and other items for making jewelry. She included some beautiful silk, pearls, Czech beads, tiger eye, and some square crystals. The focal piece is ceramic, made by Michelle McCarthy.

I love the colors of turquoise, brown, gold, and a little silver. I see a bracelet for my cousin in my future. She loves bling and bracelets. The square crystals are perfect for this. The ceramic owl will be a great focal of a necklace. There are plenty of beads for earrings for my sisters. I am not sure what to do with the silk. The reveal will be on March 26. I need to get busy!


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Fourth Annual Bead Peeps Swap n’ Hop-about my partner


I am participating in the Bead Peeps Swap N Hop. This year Linda Anderson, the host, is my partner! Linda has done all the hard work of pairing the participants with other jewellery designers. We will send our partner a package of beads, a clasp, and a focal piece. We will then make jewellery with the items received.

Linda Anderson lives in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. She is a jewelry artist who makes all types of jewelry including beaded, crocheted, multi-strands, hand knotted pearls, and chainmaille. She enjoys creating pieces that go with more than one style of clothing and are unique to the individual wearing it.

Linda uses art beads in her jewelry. She made this beautiful necklace using a handmade copper butterfly and Swarovski crystals.


Linda also used crystals to make these earrings.


This piece was featured in Beadwork magazine. Linda has had jewelry pieces published in several magazines.


Linda made this bracelet using a handmade ceramic bracelet bar.


Linda’s jewelry is available for purchase on Etsy and Facebook jewelrymakers open market:

Linda’s jewelry can also be seen on Instagram.

I hope Linda will enjoy using the beads I am getting ready to send to her. I am sure I will like what she sends me.

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